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How to balance your diet according to Ayurveda?
3/14/2023 Françoise Diboussi

Ayurveda teaches us that what is a medicine for one may just as well be a poison for the other. As such, to guarantee their well-being, everyone must optimize their diet according to the peculiarities of their being. It’s the only way to keep it balanced.
Moringa: A Plant with Miraculous Benefits?
3/13/2023 Françoise Diboussi

Do you know why Moringa Oleifera is nicknamed the "miracle tree"? It's due to its exceptional properties and high nutritional value. Integrating organic moringa leaves into your daily consumption, as part of a balanced diet and good lifestyle, can undoubtedly contribute to well-being, strength, and vitality for your body.
Libido and moringa powder
12/15/2022 Françoise Diboussi

Moringa leaf powder is a powerful superfood that can help restore and enhance libido. Its high content of vegetable proteins and antioxidants contributes to maintaining active sexuality over time. Additionally, moringa acts as a natural aphrodisiac by addressing specific libido-related issues.
Moringa powder, the weight loss ally
11/15/2022 Françoise Diboussi

When you're concerned about your health and well-being, it makes sense to worry about your weight. However, going on a draconian diet is not the ideal solution if you want to get rid of your extra pounds. As part of a food rebalancing (and not a diet), taking moringa leaf powder daily is a more reliable option in the long term.
Moringa, an Ally Against Covid-19
1/7/2020 Françoise Diboussi

Dubbed the Miracle Tree or Never Die, Moringa has not unjustly earned its reputation as a medicinal herb. Used in Ayurveda for over 5000 years, it possesses a broad spectrum of nutrients (over 90) at high concentrations that contribute to preserving the body's integrity and immunity. A shield against various diseases, including Covid-19.
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