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The ME tablets achieves perfect harmony gathering the ease of use found in capsules with the strength of pure powder. These tablets provide a seamless way to weave the nutritional benefits of Moringa into your routine, presenting a better dosed option.
Pure Bio Tablets

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    • Nutritional Abundance: The Moringa Oleifera, encapsulated in our tablets, is renowned for its vast array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. This nutritional powerhouse fortifies the immune system, promotes radiant skin, and energizes the body, contributing to a comprehensive approach to wellness.
    • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Our Moringa tablets boast an ORAC score that mirrors the potency of Moringa itself, making them a significant source of antioxidants. These antioxidants play a vital role in neutralizing oxidative stress and promoting the health and longevity of your cells.
    • Metabolic Enhancer: The active components in Moringa have been identified for their metabolic-stimulating properties. By enhancing metabolic rates, these tablets support weight management efforts, especially when paired with balanced nutrition and consistent physical activity.
    • Soothing Experience: While Moringa tablets primarily offer physical health benefits, they also contribute to mental and emotional well-being. The natural compounds in Moringa can help mitigate stress and improve sleep quality, offering a holistic wellness experience with each dose.


At the heart of our wellness philosophy lies a simple truth: purity and simplicity lead to optimal health. Our Moringa tablets epitomize this belief, crafted from compressed pure Moringa powder, devoid of any additives.

  • Pure Moringa Powder: Each tablet is a compact form of 100% pure Moringa powder, known for its nutritional density and health-enhancing properties. By compressing this powder into tablet form, we've made it convenient for you to incorporate Moringa's benefits into your daily routine.
  • Additive-Free Composition: Our commitment to maintaining the natural integrity of Moringa extends to our tablets' composition. You won't find any additives here; just pure, unadulterated Moringa powder, compressed into an easy-to-consume form.
  • Tablet Form Advantages: The tablet form offers an effortless way to consume Moringa, especially for those with very busy lifestyles. Each tablet delivers a precise dosage of Moringa's goodness, ensuring you receive consistent nutritional benefits with every intake.
  • Quality Assurance: Like all our products, these Moringa tablets undergo rigorous quality control from leaf to tablet. We ensure that every tablet you consume meets our high standards for purity, efficacy, and safety.


    1. Gradual Introduction: Begin your wellness experience with our Moringa tablets by taking just 1 tablet (1g) per day during the initial week. This careful approach allows your body to adapt to the supplement gently.
    2. Incremental Dosage Increase: After acclimating in the first week, you're encouraged to gradually increase your intake to 2, and eventually 3 tablets per day. For optimal nutrient absorption, distribute your intake throughout the day—perhaps 1 tablets in the morning, and 1 each at midday and in the evening.
    3. Hydration is Essential: Ensure you take each tablet with a substantial glass of water. This not only eases the swallowing process but also aids in the effective absorption of the rich nutrients encapsulated in each tablet.
    4. Sync with Meals: For enhanced digestive assimilation and nutrient uptake, it's recommended to take the tablets alongside your meals. This aligns with your body's natural digestive activity, fostering optimal absorption of the Moringa tablets' nutritional content.
    5. Adherence to Recommended Maximum Dosage: It's imperative to stay within the suggested daily maximum limit of 5 tablets (5g). Exceeding this dosage may lead to nutritional imbalances or unwanted side effects.
    6. Considerations for Specific Groups: Our Moringa tablets are crafted for adult usage and may not be suitable for young children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and individuals on anticoagulant treatments. If you're dealing with specific health conditions or are currently under medication, a consultation with a healthcare professional is advisable prior to commencing supplementation.

Nutritional Values per Serving

Nutritional Values per Serving
Nutrient Per 2g (NRV%) Per 5g (NRV%)
Protein 571 mg (1%) 1.4 g (2%)
Vitamin A 105 µg (13%) 263 µg (32%)
Vitamin C 11 mg (14%) 29 mg (37%)
Vitamin E 10 mg (86%) 25 mg (215%)
Vitamin B9 16 µg (8%) 40 µg (20%)
Vitamin K1 79 µg (106%) 199 µg (266%)
Manganese 135 µg (6%) 339 µg (16%)
Molybdenum 54 µg (36%) 135 µg (90%)

The amazing benefits of Moringa helps:

A normal glycemia
A normal cardio
A healthy hair & nails
A normal transit

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