Sports and in particular endurance sports solicit the whole body and their practice must be accompanied by an appropriate diet. A food like Moringa if taken over time, for example as a three-month cure before a competition, makes it possible to supplement the food intake in three areas of construction, optimization and repair of the body.

Moringa leaves from ME, for example, contain 94 nutrients including:

  1. 13 vitamins (7 times the vitamin C of oranges, 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, and 3 times the vitamin E of spinach)
  2. 10 minerals (3 times the potassium of bananas and 4 times the calcium of yogurts)
  3. 30% vegetable protein (twice the protein of yogurts)
  4. The 8 essential amino acids that the body does not synthesize
  5. omega 3 and 6

This complement intervenes first in construction or reconstruction with

  1. vegetable proteins better assimilated and less demanding for the kidneys.
  2. Vitamins including vitamin C known for immunity also contributes to the formation of collagen, therefore to the construction of bones and cartilage.
  3. BCAA amino acids, known as branched amino acids, which play a key role in building muscle.

Optimization of organs in full swing,

  1. Vitamins in particular C and B1, B2, B6 act in support of a good cardiac function, contribute to energy metabolism, to the maintenance of red blood cells for the good oxygenation of the muscles with the iron metabolism.
  2. The fibers help the transformation of fats and the BCCAs still contribute to burn these fats and transform them into energy.
  3. Omega 3 and magnesium help in particular to manage stress and concentration.

For repair and recovery, Moringa:

  1. helps reduce inflammation, pain and aches, due to its concentration of isiocyanates and bio phenols, amino acids that reduce inflammation
  2. Reduces oxidative stress resulting from exercise with the production of free radicals, thanks to the abundance of anti oxidants, 46 in Moringa such as vitamin E, chlorogenic acid and quercitin,
  3. Finally minerals and hydration are the keys to recovery
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