What if your pet was the ideal seduction plan?


Today, it seems that owning a pet (dog, cat or rodent) increases the meeting potential of the singles. That’s actually the conclusion of a recent behavioral study carried out by Wamiz*! Here are the figures…

Do you know that 51% of men and 33% of unmarried women find it easier to flirt with their pets? Caring a dog, for example, involves numerous outings that allow the happy owner to cross his/her soul mate at a streetcorner. 

According to the panel interviewed for the study, having a four-legged friend says a lot about an individual’s affectionate, selfless, and empathetic personality. Therefore, it’s not surprising that 71% of single women and 72% of single men with a dog or cat find other pets’ friends more attractive. Not to mention that 43% of unmarried women and 38% of unmarried men with a dog or cat expect their future spouse to have one. So this is a very important criterion for love compatibility.

The phenomenon has grown to such an extent that it is at the origin of a questionable practice on social networks and dating sites: dogfishing. The principle: taking pictures with a cute puppy “borrowed” from a loved one or neighbor. Needless to say, the hoax is not to everyone’s taste. 

So, are you sure to please? Well, a cute little doggie might steal the show!

*Study carried out by Wamiz, the first internet media group dedicated to pets, from January 10th to 17th 2017 (with 5013 men and women owners of a dog and / or a cat).

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