OUR Story

ME MORINGA FOR LIFE® is the love story between Jeanne Ngo Yockbag, Cameroonian entrepreneur, Manfred Schmitt, German industrialist, and Kenya!
By discovering Moringa and its incredible benefits, we decided to embark on the ambitious bet of creating a sustainable company that meets ecological, social and economic challenges for the well-being of our ecosystem.

Jeanne, Founder of ME Moringa for Life®

Jeanne is above all a woman, an African woman, for whom the roots count and who is committed every day to change things!
Entrepreneur, humanist, and social innovator, she is from Cameroon and adopted by Kenya since 2009, Jeanne claims to be the daughter of Africa.
She is the one who manages our organic farms in Kenya, surrounded by a creative and determined team, she launched in 2020, the program entitled “Rural Green Moringa Well-Being” for the empowerment of women in an area affected to 80 % unemployment!
Her wish: to make people discover the benefits of Moringa in the world and promote virtuous initiatives aimed at improving the well-being, nutrition and living conditions of local populations in Africa.
Fervent for gender equality, Jeanne is also an ardent defender of the planet! And eager, keen to obtain the Fair For Life and Rainforest Alliance certificates for responsible agriculture that respects people and nature for the well-being of the ecosystem.
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