Vitality Superfood Bundle

Moringa powder 100g + Moringa Tablets 60g

Ingredients: 100% organic Moringa powder

Directions for use: take 2 tablets (2 g) if you have just started – Maximum of 5 tablets per day with sufficient liquid or a cooked dish.

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Gluten Free

Dairy Free


Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Vitamin B9

Vitamin K







Even the smallest amount keeps you in shape.
One teaspoon (2.5 g) helps reduce fatigue
One tablespoon (5 g) helps maintain beauty skin, provide cells with energy, boost vitality and strengthen immunity.

How to use


1 tsp (2.5g) if you are just starting – 2 teaspoons per day maximum, add them to your soup, smoothie, yogurt, vinaigrette, fruit juice, fruit salad, tomato sauce, chocolate cream, caramel cream or any other dish.



Take 5 tablets maximum per day, to drink with sufficient liquid. Start with 3 tablets, if you are just starting.
Tips: divided into 3 doses and take during meals: 2 tablets at breakfast, 5 tablets at lunch and finally 1 tablet at tea time.



Organic Moringa Oleifera leaf powder*/** 
Produced in Kenya
No sugar
No artificial flavours
No additives or preservatives


Nutrition table

5g Powder or 5 Tablets
Energy 65.5kJ/ 15.7 kCal
Fat 0.340g
of which saturates 0.110g
Carbohydrate 1.140g
of which sugar 0.430g
Fibre 1.390g
Protein 1.330g
Salt 0.008g
Vitamin A 49.47% Vitamin C 11.31%
Vitamin E 32.83% Vitamin D 2.50%
Vitamin B1 11.23% Vitamin B2 8.14%
Vitamin B6 6.61% Vitamin B3 3.25%
Vitamin B9 21.35% Vitamin B7 3.81%
Manganese 18.95%
Calcium 13.13% Copper 3.11%
Magnesium 6.35% Phosphorus 2.42%
Potassium 3.83% Zinc 0.97%
Iron 3.41% Sodium 0.16%
Recommended daily consumption: from 7 capsules ( 2.5g to start) to 14 capsules (5g at maximum)
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