Beautiful slim young woman meditating in lotus position on the beach

If you have decided to change your life, to optimize your well-being, your activities and your diet are the keys. Try yoga by taking a moment in the following poses. The lotus, downward facing dog, and corpse poses (asanas) are very popular in yoga practice.

The lotus (padmasana)

It is considered the best posture for meditation. Yet it might be difficult to execute it correctly as it requires flexibility in the ankles, knees and hips. The idea is to put each foot on the opposite thigh. A possible option for the less experienced is to simply bring the crossed feet back to the pubis without forcing. Arms relaxed, hands resting palms up on the knees, eyes closed, breathe deeply and visualize the air coming in and out of your chest.

Our advice: you can practice it in the evening to relieve the pressure and stress accumulated throughout the day.

The downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana)

Feet slightly apart in line with the pelvis, squat down and then touch the ground in front of you with both hands. Tuck in your chin and push on your hands. When the body tips forward, keep your arms and legs stretched, your back straight. Tuck in the belly. Hold the pose for a few minutes and try to slow the flow of thoughts.

Our advice: this posture irrigates the brain, relaxes the whole body and releases the diaphragm. Perfect when you feel anxious.

The corpse (shavasana)

Lie on the back, feet slightly apart and turned outwards, arms stretched out along the body, hands relaxed, palms up. Keep the head straight. Breathe slowly while trying to feel the effect of gravity: little by little, the shoulders, the hips, the head seem to sink into the ground.

Our advice: simple but effective, this pose can be the ultimate insomnia cure.

Yoga and relaxation, how does it work ?

By dint of regular practice (constancy being a guarantee of efficiency), you quickly learn to untie your body, to fully stretch it, outside of the sessions. On a daily basis, this translates into an economy of gesture which preserves energy and avoids spending it in vain. In the same way, the mind in turn relaxes: we manage to identify tension, superfluous tension that we often inflict on ourselves unconsciously

and that it will now be possible to identify through mindfulness. These tensions are as many parasites that we eliminate. In a relaxed body, the mind has more freedom to think and intellectual energy is no longer unnecessarily mobilized.

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