Article made by Sandrine, “lemoringaetlesepices”

Moringa, a food supplement of choice for seniors It strengthens the immune system, fights against nutritional deficiencies and above all has particularly interesting nutrients to fight against aging. It makes a contribution to key aging points, particularly in terms of:

of the skeleton,
lipid control
sugar control
maintenance of cognitive faculties
of the maintenance of the free radicals the cholesterol and especially is a powerful antioxydant.

The calcium content makes it possible to strengthen the skeleton and in particular to fight against the risk of osteoporosis.

Moringa contains good fatty acids, monounsaturated, and thus helps to increase good cholesterol by lowering the bad and thus protects the body from cardiovascular disease,

The lack of antioxidants causes the premature aging of tissues and cells, by the multiplication of free radicals.
Our body can intercept and trap these unstable molecules thanks to antioxidants, to slow down the aging of tissues and cells.

The plant very rich in flavanoids, leucine, quarcitine are particularly suitable for people with chronic degenerative diseases, and who constantly suffer from inflammation.

Moringa helps boost memory, concentration and learning ability, as well as stress management. moringa is rich in amino acids, such as altyosine, which allows the synthesis of neurotransmitters, from the latecholamine family, which includes stimulants such as achenolin, norochenoline, and domamine, which play an important role in motivation , memorization, congintion, norodrenaline plays a role in attention, emotions, sleep and learning.

It is essential for seniors to have natural antioxidants often taken, moringa will not cure these diseases but can support the system and protect it, moringa has real anti-inflammatory properties, helps to lower blood sugar, helps to regulate blood lipid levels (cholesterol and tryglicerides), cardiovascular prevention, moringa leaves have neuroprotective properties aimed at improving cognitive functions. To conclude, Moringa also contains tryphoptane precursor of serotonin which is the message of mood and appetite. What better prospect for the serenity of our elders.

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