OUR Mission

Well-Being for everyone!

ME Moringa For Life® is an organic and ethical African brand, based in Kenya, which produces organic Moringa products of exceptional quality, and engages with the local population of Msambweni, especially woman to improve their living conditions.

3 Commitments of ME®

  • Quality products for everyone
  • Local producers, valued, properly paid and supported towards sustainable livelihoods and financial autonomy
  • A virtuous approach and an eco-friendly approach

Our goal: to make the amazing benefits of the Moringa accessible to everyone, by offering responsible nutrition through nutritious food supplements.

Our vision: to offer a holistic approach for a healthier and happier life

ME® Modern And Caring

ME Moringa® is also the ME®’s Family, a benevolent management with the employees present every day on the farm. We care about our employees because we believe their performance is driven by their well-being and enthusiasm. It is also a company that promotes gender equality, allowing women to access the same jobs as men and earn the same pay. We even have a community of women that has grown up around the business: The Moringa Sisters.

ME®, Recognized Ecological And Ethical Approach

Our brand is also strongly committed to an eco-responsible approach with organic products, traces, 100% organic certified by Ecocert, and Rainforest Alliance and Fair For Life. As growers, producers, agronomists and owners of the brand, we develop products of irreproachable quality, NO GMOs, No preservatives or artificial colours, with ingredients controlled, tested and analyzed in our laboratory within our organic farm, and new microbiological analyzes are carried out by a renowned laboratory in Germany for the safety of our products et consumers.

Moringa the Most Nutritious Superfood on the Planet !!!

Packed full of Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Antioxidants…

ME® Commited to the Empowerment of Women in Africa


Fair For Life and Rainforest Alliance certified, Me Moringa For Life® is deeply committed to promoting the employment and financial empowerment of women in Africa, particularly in Kenya, where they represent approximately 60% of our workforce. At the heart of the domestic economy and the well-being of rural communities, women play a vital social and economic role in Africa. Yet they have fewer rights, less access to rural information and services, and less mobile and disproportionately affected by poverty due to family responsibilities. ME® is therefore committed to their side, in their achievement of training and sustainable income to improve their living conditions!

ME® Create Sustainable Livelihood

« Rural Green Moringa WellBeing », Cooperative created By ME Moringa® to support Small-Scale Producers
With the program « Rural Green Moringa WellBeing », nearly 1,000 small producers, especially women, produce organic Moringa on their own land. Under the supervision of our agronomists, we provide them with free organic plants and support our small producers in the process of organic certification of their land.
To ensure a sustainable income for each family, ME Moringa® undertakes to buy 80% of its harvest at a fair price. Producers keep 20% of their production for their own consumption.
A win-win partnership, an innovative program that will improve the lives of 100,000 households by 2023!

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