Food supplements are useful for our balance and a better functioning of our organism, for our health and our well-being. They are chosen according to their effects, their nutritional and health contributions (contribution to immunity, dietary deficiencies, etc.).

They must of course be chosen according to our state of health. Then their contributions (vitamins, minerals, etc.); their effects (contribution to immunity, reducing fatigue, maintaining normal vision, etc.); their manufacture (quality, certifications); finally the values ​​they represent (fair, responsible, etc.)

The quality is certified by standards such as ISO and attested by independent bodies such as Bureau Veritas. The standard is declined for the specific needs of food safety by the FSCC 22000 certification

As its name suggests, “Natural Origin” means that it is a plant and not a synthetic composition.

“Extract” specifies that the plant has undergone a treatment to generally concentrate a molecule.

Organic certification ensures that no pesticides or biocides are used in the crop, the certification body checks the soil to validate the absence of heavy metals as well as the process and the material route from origin to distribution to ensure that there is no uncontrolled addition. The mention placed under the eurosheet indicates if it is an EU agriculture or not and if if the country of origin for its first two letters ex: KE-BIO… for Kenya…

The fair responsible mention is certified by a rigorous organization which verifies that the company pays, treats, properly manages its employees, producers, suppliers, and that it respects the ecosystem, human rights and the environment for agricultural practices. sustainable products, for example the Fair For Life “fair trade” logo.

The composition is indicated in quantity and daily intake, we can say that a supplement is rich in a nutrient when it provides more than 30% of daily need and source of when it provides 15% of these same needs.

Similarly, the indications indicated are controlled in France by the DGCCRF according to the claims which have been granted by the EFSA, we can say that a food contributes to reducing fatigue, to maintaining normal skin if it contains vitamins and minerals documented as such or if the food has been granted this claim after precise analyzes by an accredited laboratory.

Here are some elements that allow us to see more clearly in what is offered to us and indicated by the manufacturers. Often different actors enter into the achievement of this result, the producer, the processor, the distributor and the brand. You can also get information at all stages of production depending on the actors and their reputation.

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