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” un petit rien qui peut changer presque tout”


Mettez à votre service les pouvoirs ultra revitalisants de la plante la plus riche du règne végétal, reconnue notamment comme telle par l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé. Le Moringa montre une capacité exceptionnelle à renforcer l’immunité, stimuler le tonus et ses richesse supérieures en anti-oxydants en font un agent anti-age d’exception.


Moringa for Vitality

Moringa oleifera is a plant that is often called the drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the ben oil tree, or the horseradish tree.

Moringa has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. It also has antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moringa for Health

Compared to the leaves, the pods are generally lower in vitamins and minerals. However, they are exceptionally rich in vitamin C. One cup of fresh, sliced pods (100 grams) contains 157% of your daily requirement.

The diet of people in developing nations sometimes lacks vitamins, minerals and protein. In these countries, Moringa oleifera can be an important source of many essential nutrients.


Moringa for Athletes

Moringa oleifera is a plant that is often called the drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the ben oil tree, or the horseradish tree.

Moringa has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. It also has antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.


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  • Protien 35% 35%
  • Carbs 76% 76%
  • Calories 12% 12%


The Best of Moringa


Moringa is a healthy, monounsaturated fat that’s high in protein and other compounds. Moringa has benefits for moisturizing and cleansing the skin.


Moringa has built a strong reputation for promoting natural hair growth due to the high content of key nutrients such as vitamins A/B/E and zinc.

Weight Loss

Moringa leaves are considered beneficial for people trying to lose weight. Different studies conducted on animals show that moringa can decrease fat formation in the body and improve fat breakdown.


Moringa contains eyesight-improving properties thanks to its high antioxidant levels.


The powerful antioxidants found in Moringa extract might help prevent cardiac damage and has also been shown to maintain a healthy heart.


Moringa is high in antioxidants and fatty acids, making it a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory option for skin, nails, and hair.


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Frequently asked questions

All Products

What is the best way to store my ME products?

The great thing about properly dried and well-packaged food products is their long shelf life. All ME products are labelled with the recommended shelf life. We recommend that you store your ME products in a cool, dry place, away from small children.

Which ME products are suitable for children?

In general, ME products can be consumed by all age groups. Our DETOXME, SKINNYME and DEFENDME teas contain caffeine, so with these teas parental guidance is advisable.

Can I use ME products when I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

Nutritionists and natural health professionals are present during the whole product development process, ensuring that our products can be used by everyone, free from side effects and special requirements.
Clinical studies have shown that Moringa consumption can actually increase the volume and quality of mother’s milk produced by lactating women. However, since people react differently to different foods, we recommend you consult your physician regarding the safety of using any of our products during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Do ME products have a medicinal effect?

The content of pharmaceutically active ingredients is the deciding factor for whether or not a food product has medicinal properties. Our products are developed in such a way that they contain no harmful ingredients that would be subject to medicinal liability.

Moringa Powder, Capsules and Tablets

How is ME Moringa grown, cleaned, dried and packaged?

Our Moringa is grown using the best organic farming methods, without the use of pesticides and herbicides. And plants grown without the use of chemicals are healthier, more potent, and their nutrients (and no toxic chemicals) are absorbed more efficiently by the body.
ME Moringa leaves are gently and carefully harvested and cleaned by hand, so as not to damage the leaves and diminish the nutritional quality. Similar care is used in the drying process which is done at under 40 degrees Celsius leave temperature to ensure the preservation of the natural vitamins, phytocompounds and enzymes (raw food quality). The dried leaves are then finely ground, also at low temperatures.
ME Moringa leaf products are packaged in light, air and moisture impervious, food grade packaging which prevents damage that can be caused by light, air and moisture. At ME, good hygiene throughout the entire production and packaging process is an important cornerstone of our philosophy. ME is certified ISO 22000.

Which parts of the Moringa plant are used in ME products?

Although all parts of Moringa oleifera, including the roots, wood, bark, leaves and seeds have traditional uses, we use only dried and ground Moringa leaves in our products.

How much Moringa should I take each day?

We recommend taking 5 grams daily, either as powder, capsules or tablets. Moringa is known to be more nutritionally effective when taken with meals, either mixed in with your meal (powder) or taken in addition (capsules or tablets).

How do I use, eat or take Moringa?

There are many ways to incorporate Moringa into your diet. Me offers pure Moringa as powder, capsules and tablets, or as a main ingredient in our teas and spice blends. For ways to use our various products have a look in our catalogue, recipes and magazine.

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