Moringa powder, a slimming ally

When you are concerned about your health and well-being, it makes sense to be concerned about your weight. However, going on a draconian diet is not the ideal solution if you want to get rid of your excess pounds. As part of a nutritional rebalancing (and not a diet), taking moringa leaf powder daily is a more reliable option in the long term.

Lose weight, get back in shape to be in better shape and feel good about yourself… What could be more natural? Unlike the diet which seems to give quick results but which in the end turns out to be ineffective (recovery, yo-yo effect), even dangerous, food rebalancing is based on a fundamental approach which aims to rethink one’s eating habits. It is not a question of eating less but of eating better, taking into account the needs of your body and your ideal weight (Body Mass Index), promoting digestion and differentiating true hunger from the drive. If your health justifies it, you can therefore embark on a food rebalancing associated with regular sports practice (at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day). In this context, the daily consumption of moringa leaf powder, at a rate of 5 g per day, can be a considerable advantage.

Moringa and weight loss

For starters, moringa is a natural appetite suppressant. Indeed, its exceptional nutrient richness prevents the body from experiencing deficiencies (deficiencies) and causing hunger signals to encourage us to restore its reserves. This nutrient richness, especially in antioxidants, is also important in activating the metabolism, contributing to the rapid elimination of waste. Because a slow metabolism worsens fat storage and promotes weight gain.

The fibers and vitamin B2 (riboflavin), present in large quantities in moringa, limit the absorption of fats and allow them to be burned more to transform them into energy. Not to mention the anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties of moringa leaves which reduce water retention and reduce bloating.

Another strong point of moringa, its protein and amino acid content, very popular with athletes, which supports muscle growth and regeneration for a toned and refined silhouette.

Moringa and compulsive hunger

Our mood changes our feelings of hunger or satiety. Depending on their emotional history, everyone feels more or less the urge to eat when they experience certain emotions. In general, negative emotions (boredom, anxiety, anger, sadness) and their share of frustrations encourage us to find comfort, to seek satisfaction in an immediate pleasure such as food. Many of the bad habits that lead to weight gain are linked to these compensatory processes.

Here again, moringa leaf powder proves to be of great help because it is known to stimulate the production of hormones such as serotonin (happiness hormone) and dopamine (pleasure hormone) which are more than necessary for emotional balance. Rich in protein, omega-3, magnesium, vitamins A, B and E, moringa regulates the presence of sugar in the blood and thus stabilizes mood swings.

Clinical studies

Researchers have demonstrated the effectiveness of moringa+turmeric+curry supplementation on weight loss through two studies1,2[FD1]. The results of these studies nevertheless remain to be completed because they do not relate to moringa alone.

Animal tests3,4[FD2] have also shown that moringa fights adipogenesis, i.e. the formation of fat cells, and helps break them down. However, these findings still need to be confirmed for humans.

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 [FD1]Link below

 [FD2]Link below

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