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The adventure of ME® was first a dream to create high standard organic farm and exclusive moringa products. In 2012, ME MORINGA FOR LIFE® was founded in order to grow, produce and market Superior Quality Organic Moringa. Jeanne Ngo Yockbag, Cameroonian entrepreneur and Manfred Schmitt, a successful businessman and German industrialist, decided then to set a luxurious standard in the world of modern industrial moringa and botanical nutritious foods


The co-founder of ME®, Jeanne Ngo Yockbag is a Cameroonian who grew up in West Africa and lived a long time in Europe.

Everything started years ago, after several trips to Asia. In China, Jeanne was taught the art of meditation as a way to gain inner peace. In India, she received lessons from a master   in   Ayurveda.   That’s   how   she   became     tea connoisseur and first heard about the miraculous benefits of  Moringa,  the  “Tree  of  life”.  At  the  end  of  this  initiatic experience, Jeanne chose to adopt an holistic way of life, assuming  that  our  overall  feeling  of  health  and  wellness depends  on  how  balanced  we  are  on  all  levels  of  our being – body, mind and soul.

Heart and commitment Few years later, Jeanne and Manfred went to Kenya. They both literally fell in love with this country and its incredible landscapes.  During  their  stay,  a  friend  of  the  couple, expert in herbalism, invited them to his farm… where they found  the  Moringa!  The  incredible  nutritional  value  and unsurpassed  healing  properties  of  the  plant,  held  the couple’s attention. “I became aware of the wonderful gift of  nature  that  moringa  is,”  Jeanne  remembers.  “Let’s imagine a plant capable of saving millions of lives around the world, fighting against malnutrition in Africa and changing millions of children’s life… From then on, I had only one obsession: to make this miracle accessible to everyone!“ With the support of Manfred, she decided to set up an agro-industrial project around this prodigious plant for the well-being of humanity. This is how their ambitions and dream came true. ME MORINGA FOR LIFE® became the first global brand made in Africa, distributed in Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States. The company has established high standard in organic farming and exclusive global brand. Thanks to moringa’s exceptional nutrional value, ME® products provide a health and balance solution for everyone to achieve harmony in their whole being.

Moringa Benefits for YOU and for ME®

ME Moringa for life is a Moringa plantation located in Kenya that meets a high level of requirement and Bureau Veritas certification for quality, Ecocert for organic. Moringa, otherwise known as the “miracle tree”, is a complete plant to meet the needs for vitamins, nutrients, trace elements and antioxidants, the benefits of which are particularly suited to the contexts and needs of civilisation. The ME plantation develops and shares know-how based on the consumption and cultivation of Moringa to fight against malnutrition. 

 *Moringa: An Ancient Pearl with Current Virtues* 

Moringa is much more than a simple blend of nutrients. Used for thousands of years by ancient Ayurvedas and Egyptians, it embodies a wealth of health-promoting properties. The sum of its nutrients translates into a wide range of wellness contributions, making it an obvious choice for a holistically focused brand. 

*An Obvious Choice for ME: The Diverse Contributions of Moringa* 

Moringa stands out for its versatile properties. With 37 anti-inflammatories, it can relieve joint pain while preserving the beauty of the skin. Its 46 antioxidants make it ideal in a world of stress and pollution. Its 10 vitamins (A, C, E, B, K…) and 13 minerals (calcium, manganese, zinc, iron…) qualify it as a plant suitable for vitality, well-being and beauty. 

 *Galenic Diversity: A Complete Range for Every Need* 

The diversity of forms of Moringa makes it adaptable to everyone. Vegan capsules offer a practical solution for dosed daily consumption. The powder, with its bitter and peppery taste, complements salads, fish and smoothies. The tablet, a compromise between capsules and powder, offers an alternative to pure powder just pressed without additives. The infusion of dried leaves into the tea, with possibilities for pairing with teas and other ingredients, as well as the dry oil, highlight the versatility of Moringa. 

 *A Unique Delicate Process: Production and Preparation Constraints* 

To preserve the vitamins, an integrated laboratory and a specialized oven with temperature control are essential. A minimum dose is necessary to maintain the integrity of the plant, avoiding aggressive treatments. Users should gradually increase to 5 grams, depending on their weight and health. *Essential Balance and Contraindications: Side Effects and Precautions* The use of Moringa, although powerful, requires controlled progression. Any excess can lead to imbalances. People on blood thinners, smokers and pregnant women should take precautions. The effects on people with cancer undergoing radiation therapy are also documented. 

 *The Ecological Approach: A Positive Impact on the Environment* 

The ecological routing of Moringa contributes to reducing the carbon footprint. Maritime transport is favored for its environmental advantages. Moringa, capable of absorbing 5 times more CO2 than a conventional plant, gives your consumption a positive carbon balance. 

*Natural Authenticity: Moringa vs. Synthetic Supplements* 

The difference between a synthetic supplement and a natural element lies in the experience of thousands of years. Moringa benefits from the hindsight of ancient times to prove its effectiveness. The CNRS laboratory in Montpellier examines the potential physiological dangers attributable to combined effects called cocktail effects.

*Moringa for All: A Versatile Plant* 

Moringa adapts to various profiles. For athletes, it provides the 8 essential amino acids and vitamin C for energy and recovery. Seniors benefit from a lasting boost, while anyone can incorporate Moringa into their daily routine.

*Scientific Studies and Claims: The Reality of Moringa* 

Claims validated by EFSA relate to vitamins A, C, E richness, , skin beauty and contribution on normal blood sugar under process. However, effects on blood pressure and cholesterol are not yet permitted. However Scientific publications detail the benefits of Moringa.


*A Responsible Commitment: People and Biodiversity* 

Join us on social media to discover our farms where trees, including the magnificent mango trees, thrive. The radiant smiles of our farmers testify to their pride in participating in our ME project. Our fair and responsible approach, integrating people and biodiversity, embodies our commitment to a better future.

*Moringa: More than a Superfood, a Philosophy of Life* 

In fact, Moringa is not satisfied with its title of miracle tree. Its full potential and multiple benefits make it an essential part of achieving the best version of yourself. The ME brand wisely chose Moringa to reflect its commitment to complete wellness, a legacy of thousands of years of ancient wisdom and an answer to our modern quest for a balanced lifestyle.

*A Philosophy that Nourishes Body and Spirit: Moringa at the Heart of Well-Being* 

Moringa is not just a superfood, but a real philosophy that transcends the physical to touch the spirit. Rooted in age-old traditions and propelled into our modern era, Moringa is much more than a passing food trend. It is an affirmation of our need to draw on the wisdom of the past to build a better future.

*An Antioxidant Elixir: The Magic of Moringa Revealed* 

At the heart of Moringa lies its richness in antioxidants. These powerful cellular warriors fight free radicals, helping to reduce the risk of chronic disease and premature aging. Imagine every bite of Moringa as invisible armor protecting your cells as you navigate a modern world saturated with stress and toxins.

*Balance at the Heart of Consumption* 

However, just as balance in life is essential, so is Moringa consumption. Too much can unbalance the subtle benefits it offers. This is why the ME brand advocates a progressive approach, allowing your body to adapt to its powers and fully exploit its versatility.

*Harmony between Man and Nature* 

One of the lessons that Moringa offers is the importance of harmony between man and nature. The relationship between the proud women farmers who cultivate Moringa with love and the lush beauty of the thriving trees speaks to this balance. By choosing Moringa, you are joining this story of harmonious coexistence.

*Towards Complete Evolution* 

In short, Moringa is not just a superfood, but a companion in our quest for balance and well-being. It embodies the fusion between the ancient and the modern, connecting the wisdom of the ancients with our contemporary search for a healthy and fulfilling life. Each dose of Moringa is a statement of your commitment to yourself, your body, and the planet. Join the ME brand on this journey towards complete evolution, where Moringa is more than an ingredient – it’s an invitation to live a life full of vitality and meaning.

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It is a great discovery for me that this source of natural energy. I have narcolepsy and this gave me the extra energy I needed. It also helped me lose weight to go along with my sport and my diet. I take 2 capsules every morning, ordered from Memoringaforlife.com.​
Mila Kunit

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