smoothies are good

Are smoothies really good for you?

With mixed fruits and vegetables, the smoothie has the reputation of being an energizing and ultra-vitaminized natural drink. To consume without moderation for an optimal well-being ? Yes … If you know how to dose the ingredients.

The crudivores – lovers of raw food – are totally hooked at it. Smoothies are undoubtedly a source of vitamins, vegetable proteins and nutrients since they are composed of fruits and vegetables, bound with ice water or milk. Nevertheless, since any excess is harmful to the organism, the mixtures should be balanced. For example, a recipe only based on fruits would be far too rich in sugar. Conversely, raw vegetables in excessive quantities are indigestible. In particular leafy vegetables (spinach, rocket, sorrel …) which contain alkaloids – theoretically very beneficial to health, but when ingested at high doses, they are difficult to assimilate by the organism and therefore potentially toxic.

What is the right combination?
In order to optimize the beneficial impact of a smoothie, it is necessary to integrate both fruits – preferably season – as well as vegetables rich in fiber, not to mention a hint of aromatic herbs with stems (mint, parsley, basil …).

The ideal is also to rely on red fruits, loaded with antioxidants, rather than on fruits with fast digestion (orange, grapefruit, watermelon, melon …). Plus you can add one or several teaspoons of a superaliment such asmoringa leaf powder to boost the health cocktail. This ultra-nutritive plant has the advantage of containing many vegetable sterols. Perfect for absorbing cholesterol.

Our prescription? Drink one liter of smoothie per day, ideally in the morning at breakfast or sip it throughout the morning.

Françoise Diboussi

ME Editor

Françoise Diboussi

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