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Plants to sanitize your home

Household products, coatings and construction materials release pollutants that poison the atmosphere of a home. To the point where the health of its occupants is threatened (irritated throat, intestinal disorders or respiratory affections…). And yet, a few plants would be enough to clean the ambient air.

Bio-purification refers to the gas exchange between plants and their environment. Through their leaves, “depolluting” plants absorb the pollutants in the air while they emit water vapor charged with oxygen. Amongst them: ficus, ivy, chlorophytum, philodendron, chrysanthemum, azalea or cactus.

Each of these plants is better suited to certain rooms than to others.Chrysanthemum, for example, evacuates volatile solvents contained in varnishes and paints; it is therefore desirable to install one in a newly renovated room. The candle cactus is more suitable for the suppression of harmful electromagnetic waves; it would have all its place near television, or in a kitchen, very equipped with household appliances. Little water-saving lavender pleasantly perfumes the atmosphere and helps to decrease stress: to ideally dispose on the window sill of a room. As for the bathroom, the deodorizing properties of ivy or gerbera are welcome.

Françoise Diboussi

ME Editor

Françoise Diboussi

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