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About ME ?

The botanist of wellness.
ME means you, me is your body, mind and soul.
ME means life should be healthy and happy!

Jeanne Ngo Yockbag, co-founder of ME

Founded in 2012, on the majestic Kenyan South Coast along the Indian Ocean, ME embraces the wonderful nature that surrounds it. Indeed, in its entire range of wholesome organic products, it is the legendary Moringa with its carefully selected leaves which offers the one of the highest nutritional values in the world.

The co-founder of ME, Jeanne Ngo Yockbag, is a Cameroonian lady who grew up in West Africa and was living in Europe for a long time before settling in Kenya.

Everything started years ago, after several trips to Asia. In China, Jeanne was initiated to the art of meditation, as a way to gain inner peace. In India she had received lessons from Masters in Ayurveda. That’s how she became a tea connoisseur and first heard about the miraculous benefits of Moringa, the “Tree of Life”.

This initiatory experience made her an enlightened tea lover and led her to adopt a holistic lifestyle - based on the idea that well-being depends on the harmony between the three dimensions of Being: body, mind and soul.

As Jeanne was visiting Kenya with her husband, Manfred Schmitt, they both fell in love with the country, with its beautiful landscapes and wildlife. During their stay, a friend of the couple, a doctor in herbal medicine, invited them to her farm. And there it was again: Moringa, the superfood of superfoods!

This time, the plant holds all the attention of Jeanne, subjugated by the amazing properties she discovered: she said "I became aware of this wonderful gift of nature called Moringa. Imagine a plant which can save the lives of millions of people around the world." She had only one desire: to make this miracle accessible to everyone.

With the support of Manfred Schmitt a successful businessman, Jeanne‘s ambitions and dream: to create a global brand made in Africa, with main principles of honesty, ethical and sustainability, providing, through purest grade Moringa products, easy and convenient health solutions for everybody.


ME cares for mother earth and people via ethical trade

ME values

Love Kenya

Nature preservation

ME works in harmony with nature and we are committed to support nature through active reforestation and the re-population of our region with trees and indigenous animals which had diminished in large numbers. Our farm is 100% organic, Rainforest Alliance certified and our production facility is certified ISO 22000. As a result, we are also certified with “Excellence” by Bureau Veritas.

High Quality standards

Quality is priority

At ME, quality comes first. Our aim is to deliver our products to the market in a safe, attractive, innovative, and ecologically friendly way. To maintain our top-quality standards, we have invested heavily in equipment and building for lab testing and research & development.

Our production facility guarantees processing under high hygiene standards with controlled drying process below 38°C. That’s how we provide the highest quality of organic Moringa with all nutrients and antioxidants preserved, in its purest and most convenient forms while fully respecting nature.

Doing good

Social responsibility

ME actively contributes to the development of the local community. Since 2014, ME Moringa for life has employed over 200 people on our farm in a rural community in Kenya, a region with over 80% unemployment. Most of our people live on less than $2 per day. ME Moringa for life plays an instrumental role in lifting each of them and their families from below the poverty line:

ME invests in people and planet: by creating jobs and income opportunities, making ME a sustainable vehicle for all. We have the opportunity to 5 double the income of our out-growers, hence creating real sustainable income for thousands of people in Kenya.

Accessible for ALL

As Moringa is a gift of nature, we would like to make Moringa accessible for all, making Moringa famous together with you! Moringa is a universal gift for healthy and disabled, for rich and underprivileged, young and elderly people.


ME certifications

We are passionate about quality. All ME products are 100% certified organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Our production facilities are certified ISO 22000 and as a result we are also certified with "Excellence" by Bureau Veritas.


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